What Can I Eat?

While wearing braces, you should avoid hard, chewy, crunchy, and sticky foods.  These foods can cause harm and extend the duration of time you wear your braces.

Foods to avoid:

•    Caramel and gooey chocolate bars
•    Very sticky or chunky peanut butter
•    Hard candies
•    Nuts
•    Chewy candy, taffy, and gummy bears
•    Popcorn
•    Gum

Use caution when:

•    Chewy bread such as bagels – tear into small pieces
•    Chips – eat them carefully and one at a time
•    Corn on the cob – cut off the cob
•    Apples and carrots – cut into small pieces
•    Soda and sugary drinks – avoid these whenever possible, as drinking too much can cause tooth decay